Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Caning of Gabrielle Wilkinson

A poem about the strict school discipline of naughty Gabrielle Wilkinson, written by P.N. Dedeaux but freely adapted by me.

As into his study young Gabrielle went
to atone for a moment's scholastic dissent
she stared at the rod made to cause schoolgirls pain
the long thin and whippy, crook handled cane

It would cause her dire hurt, lovely Gabrielle knew
for she'd suffered before its effects…black and blue
having bent her young bum to its beastly embrace
and suffered its sting and the shameful disgrace

Altogether her future seems lacking in cheer,
the headmaster, observing her symptoms of fear,
gives her a sentence to set her ears buzzin'
'For answering back, Miss, the best of a dozen!'

'A dozen? Oh sir, oh please not so strict!
for cheeking Miss Jones I've ne'er been so licked
oh mercy headmaster, 'twill cut me in two
oh please let me off, if only a few!'

But let off she's not, despite wringing white hands
and a body that's trembling there where she stands
her bosom so tense it might well be in milk
and lily white thighs, their surface like silk

She stares at the head’s long whippy stick
which larrups the air so's to make her feel sick
all her pleas are in vain, all attempts at a flirt
a click of the lock and a gruff 'Lift your skirt!'

Oh Lor she must strip, she must 'raise her skirt', quite
with fumbling hands bare her bottom so white
Though not long to remain so is our guess and fear
To judge from the way the head eyes up her rear.

He eyes its appearance appraisingly now
as Gaby disrobes but with modesty's bow
while the head rolls right up the sleeves of his shirt
her task is to lift, rather slowly, her skirt

Firstly she flips up that pretty plaid mini
Exposing her thong, black and everso skimpy
Her knickers would definitely have to be stripped
Her bum must be bare to be thoroughly whipped

Nearly nude from the waist, roundly bottomed and broad
Gaby blushes and stares , rather glumly, toward
the desk over which she must bend her poor base
soon to be redder than even her face

Her sense of distress and impending dire pain
increase at the sight of that frightening cane
"Now get over tight and stick it right up
I'll teach you to cheek teachers, insolent pup!"

She bends herself over with legs nicely spread
then sticks out her bottom and lowers her head
So Gabrielle’s really extremely distended
lewdly presented and very well bended

The string of her thong ’tween her cheeks makes its track
stretching to fit nice and tight down her crack
the scrap of black nylon hides hardly a thing
her anus outlined like a stripper’s G-string

Upended, distended and thoroughly bended
Poor Gaby, we fear, cannot be defended
from that terrible flexible hickory stick raised high and ready to give its first lick

The wood writes its stripe with a grunted out 'One'
for, heavens above, her chastisement's begun
a flame of white fire courses through that young rump
as the second cut follows with sickening thump

With the lash ‘cross her bottom, poor Gabrielle grips
holding hard to the desk and with in-bitten lips
three and four follow with plenty of time
the headmaster certainly knows how to "lime"

And now he wraps round her the full of the tip
whose burrowing ache and blistering nip
extract his first 'music' - a quick stifled cry
Chastisements due toll, howe'er hard Gaby try

Brave Gabrielle tries with her might and her main
to suffer in silence the scorch of the cane but if seven is hell she gets eight at a run, her bottom is blazing, her pluck is near done

Yes the plight of poor Gaby is seen in her face
which she turns to the head, as red as her base
'Headmaster, oh please you have set me on fire!
Oh please, can't you cane me a little bit higher?'

'Please come up higher..' she piteously begs
'…the last two you gave me were down on my legs!
I'm trying to bear it the best that I know
but it isn't fair, sir, to whip me so low!'

'You're cutting so low that it's down in the fold
Where its tender and sore..if I might be so bold
I'll even take extras if higher you'll come...
In short, oh headmaster, please cane my bum!'

'I'll cane it..' he tells her '..I'll whip it all right
just spread your cheeks wider and get it up tight'
and the last strokes he gives her are deadly and true
Gaby yelps like a puppy and, be fair, wouldn't you?

The last cuts of his cane are so terribly tight
the sting so intense she can no longer fight
the urge to jump up and grab her poor bum
At the twelfth stroke at last the moment has come

She leaps up in pain for the last caught her well
clipping in under like a brand hurled from hell
coming right in the region most tender, defined
as the most private part of poor Gaby's behind

Now prancing young Gabrielle holds hard her rear
quite lost to all modesty now I do fear
as stamping with pain and howling in woe
she kneads her young bottom like soft stripy dough

Rubbing her buttocks and panting again
she writhes in the grip of her punishment pain
The teacher regards her, a light in his eyes
with a smile he confounds her - 'Did I say you could rise?'

For rising before his permission is given
means extras, alas – howe’r hard she’s striven
in terror poor Gabrielle falls to her knees
in vain do her salt tears back up her pleas

She must stick out her bottom in tearful despair
Three more times cane swishes down through the air
She’s taken fifteen before he is done
Then 'Stand in the corner and show off your bum!'

Leaden limbed, dewy eyed, holding her ass
Gaby dresses and drags herself off to her class
her bottom is blazing, it seems twice the weight
the weals thick as fingers whose smart won't abate

'Miss Jones I am sorry, I apologise quite'
and curtseying Gaby displays quite a sight
and now she must show to the class her bare seat
its lilywhite hue turned the colour of beet

Beet is the colour for beaten she’s been
She’s now just another well disciplined teen
Young Gabrielle Wilkinson, thoroughly caned
with corporal punishment she’s been well trained

With raised skirt in a corner our sinner must pass
half an hour’s contemplation, quite bare of ass,
bear the pain of her punishment, rueful of face,
one hand busy rubbing the flesh of her base

She must stand and display the results of her crime
transgression's reward and humility's prime
show off the headmaster’s skill with the cane
'Miss Jones, I shall ne'er answer you back again!'


Rob Wood said...

What about the poetry of a naked cleft?

Anonymous said...

A pity her knickers were kept on. we want to see more