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Jenny's Caning

'This is a standard school cane,' Annabel held it up, 'standard

to Westbury, that is. I would rate it as quite severe compared to

the one used at the school I came from, although we did go

even tighter at times, and for a school beating, if you were ever

so foolish as to earn one, you'd get something even longer and

heavier than this. Still, this is a good rod, and I think Miss

Poussin will be well marked by the time I've finished with her.'

They were all crowded closely together in the room, so

everyone saw how Jenny's bent buttocks cringed a little during

this lecture, but she kept quiet and held her place, awaiting the

first of her six cuts.

She did not have to wait long. Annabel briefly rested the cane

across the proffered buttocks to mark her place, took two short

steps back, and then sprang forward, her arm moving from the

shoulder with her wrist making its contribution to the rod's

velocity so that it lashed squarely across the fleshy bottom, just

below its trembling centre. She then stepped back to admire her


At the moment of impact the track left by the cane was

bleached white, all the blood driven out of the skin as the

prostrate girl gasped beneath the shock of the assault. But even

as everyone watched, the mark turned a bright red from the

returning onrush of blood, the bruise spreading and swelling

until it rose above the surrounding skin in a clearly defined

welt. Jenny groaned from the rising pain but remained

motionless, determined to show all these girls how a beating

should be taken.

Satisfied that both Jenny and her audience had fully benefited

from their contemplation of the cut, Annabel took two prancing

steps forward again, and sent the second lash home. Another

gasp from her victim, another flaming track followed by

another miserable groan, and the bruise thickened perceptively.

She felt a surge of lust, and of pride at how well she was

striking the flesh at her disposal. Her arm and her wrist had not

lost their cunning despite prolonged absence from the sport

since leaving the strict academy where she learned this deadly

trade. With her eye fixed firmly on her squirming target she

started her run again, and thrashed the rod home directly

between the two close parallel tracks already throbbing across

the deliciously submissive buttocks.

Jenny managed to absorb the third blow as stoically as the

rest, her teeth sinking into her lower lip to hold back a scream

of agony as Annabel paused to let the cuts sink in, and to let

her audience savour the full extent of the suffering they were

committing themselves to should they choose full equality with

the boys by voting to accept corporal punishment. When she

was satisfied the latest welt had matured into a thick, rope-like

bruise, and the other girls truly appreciated the nature of the

beast, she struck again, this time aiming a little lower to catch

the bent and tormented girl exactly on the faint crease

separating her buttocks from her thighs. It was a cruel blow

delivered to the most tender area of her cheeks, but she judged

that Jenny could take it, and she wanted to demonstrate the

ultimate cane stroke, at least as far as the buttocks were


True to her resolve, Jenny absorbed the searing anguish of this

vicious cut without crying out, but her hips writhed and the

muscles in her upper thighs twitched in distress. Only two to

go! Her lower lip was almost bleeding now, but she couldn't

help sinking her teeth into it again hearing the thud of

Annabel's rubber-shod feet behind her as the head girl made

another run. Oh, just above the last one! A full-blooded stroke

across the fattest part of her bent hinds would be a kindness

compared to these slices into the sensitive skin underneath her

fleshy mounds, but Annabel was not about to let her off with

anything but the tightest sixer she could manage pour

encourager les autres.

When the last stroke fell, it too landed right in her overhang.

She whined as the pain rose in time with the swelling welt, but

held her position as she had been taught to do. She would not

let Myra down; this had to be a perfect demonstration.

Annabel stood back, and surveyed her work. The fleshy

buttocks were thickly scored. The six were tight indeed, hard,

swollen and laid close together in a restricted area that would

be directly beneath the girl when she sat down. For lasting

effect, there was nothing like a well scored sit-upon whose

soreness would produce flinching reminders of the beating for

several days to come, reinforcing the disciplinary message of

the stinging cane.

'There now,' she said, after an interval long enough for the

other girls to take in the ravaged bottom on display before

them, 'I think that should serve as a sufficient demonstration of

what we would be committing ourselves to. Quite a deterrent, I

think you'll agree, but nothing to threaten a girl's health, and as

far as her dignity is concerned, that's up to her. As Miss Poussin

has so ably shown us, such a test of fortitude and bearing can

be endured without forfeiting feminine dignity.'

There were murmurs all around, mainly of assent, and some

of relaxation after the tension of an exhibition not entirely

innocent of lust. Annabel turned to her still bent victim. 'Thank

you, Jenny, please rise now and take your seat again. We are

about to vote on the issue, and there may be other questions

you can help us answer to everyone's satisfaction.'

Not trusting herself to speak, Jenny straightened up painfully

and pulled her panties back up over her hips. She would have

preferred to discard them completely, but she was mindful of

her promise to Myra to do everything she could to win these

girls the benefit of a regiment of rod and slipper similar to the

one from which she herself benefited. Limping slightly, she

walked back to the chair allocated her, and sat down gingerly.

Those nearest to her detected her slight gasp as her bottom

came in contact with the unyielding wood, and everyone could

see her crimson face and tear-filled eyes.

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Endart and the Paddle

Just look at that jutty bum in those tight jeans

My favorite, just look at her rubbing her well paddled bum, hands down her pantyhose.
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