Sunday, 5 June 2016

Lashville: The Birches

It is a pity that the movie does not concentrate on the birches the girls are punished with.  They are long and whippy, just five or so rods in a bundle to splay out nicely across those plump bums, just perfect.  This is the second most attractive model getting it.

Imagine that birch across Nika's bare bum  

Or Lucy

Friday, 3 June 2016

Lashville: Judicial Birching

Birching movies are rare and I was really hoping that Mood Pictures would eventually fill the gap.  Well they have with Lashville, Town of Justice.

This contains four very severe judicial birchings administered by a female warden with another female warden holding the girl's head.  The punishments are administered in front of an enthusiastic audience and of course the girls are nude and restrained.  Unfortunately the girls are not great beauties.  The first is frankly unattractive and the best is left to last: Birgitt Von Schultz (played by Tipi).  The birches are long and whippy and the punishments are clearly extremely painful. 

After ten strokes the blonde, who is more strict and attractive and very much to my taste, takes over the punishment and the birch rods begin to break across the girl's bum. 

After twenty strokes the punishers change over again and a new birch is selected, extra long and whippy.  The wardens change over to the blonde again after thirty strokes, then the warden and the birch change again after forty, and so on.  Throughout the camera dwells on the scene, on the girl's face and on the girl's plump, well punished bottom..

This is one of the wardens, and this is Tipi (22), who looks very attractive in her casting here but less so in the film for some reason.