Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Mounting the Caning Horse

This post could have gone in Punishment Poses because it deals with just that.
We all know Mood Pictures and the very severe canings they portray, but until recently the extra humiliation of a revealing posture had not formed part of their presentations. In 4 Vicious Bitches they make up for this by showing four attractive girls caned in a most revealing pose astride (rather than over) the caning horse.

One of the girls is a platinum blonde called Suzie Muller who is one of the most beautiful models they have used in films (though even more attractive girls have appeared in their Castings). Suzie receives a most exemplary caning - of the usual 50 strokes - in a posture she would surely normally reserve for the toilet. She sticks out her lovely bottom as far as she can after every stroke, spreading so hard that you might think she had been figged.

The birching horse has been discussed before, with emphasis on the bench rubbing the culprit's clitoris when she is punished in this posture. Clearly Suzie was far too preoccupied with the pain of her caning to be thinking about that!

In the most recent film, Stockholm Syndrome, it looks like she adopts an even more revealing position for her caning. More about that when I have seen the film.

Having now seen it, Suzie does indeed adopt a revealing position and takes a most exemplary thrashing with whips and the cane. She is the most attractive woman I have ever seen punished with this kind of severity. She also takes a turn wielding the cane over the naked and well spread bottom of another attractive girl, Sandy Scott. But all in all most of the film is about BDSM and submission to a master, rather than punishment. I much prefer girl-on-girl.