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Here is a collage of all seven girls to help you choose.


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Okay, so I changed things a bit here to keep up the flow. In the original strip Susan makes her escape and is only caught and punished (most severely) later.

You might also be wondering why the girls are not wearing those little plaid skirts we have grown to love on catholic schoolgirls. It seems that in the last year of school, what the Brits call - for reasons I cannot fathom - the Upper Sixth, girls were allowed to change from their cute plaid uniforms into a more sensible outfit befitting their age. This is the outfit the girls are wearing in these strips.

So called senior girls were also not expected to raise their skirts for punishment, in contrast to the other girls who took theirs across their knickers. And the cane was used instead of the paddle.

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Magnificent Seven

I like punishment drawings and comic strips. In this one seven girls are lined up for the thrashing of their lives. Set in a catholic boarding school the drawings have a sense of realism, for example the girls are not stripped but get caned through their tight skirts with knickers under. Hence the very severe number of strokes each will receive. I will post each caning in turn this week, Andrea tomorrow. Enjoy.

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More in this series here from a very early post to this blog.
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The drawings above show an interesting combination of typical british and american girlish punishments. The senior cane at an british school and the (Spencer) paddle in an american home. Maybe she is transatlantic like me.
Of course the paddle is almost always applied across the seat of tight jeans, much as we might wish it was on the bare!