Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Martinet

French girls schools favored the martinet for punishing their pupils. A whip-like instrument incorporating a number of thin leather straps. It was best applied on the bare and stung like hell!


Anonymous said...

It was used on the bare bottom at school. But my parents used it on my bare vulva at home. A whipping at school would mean a much worse whipping at home. I'd have to strip naked, lay on my back, and spread my legs apart while they would whip my bare vulva with that awful whip.

Anonymous said...

In all French schools up to the age of 18 it was used on boys and girls,aswell as all mothers had one too at home to whip also your ass if you did'nt do as you were told!.Generaly it was hanged up on a nail on the kitchen wall,so everybody could see it,and it was at hand for our mothers too!I don't recall any French mother not having one!Even when we went out our mothers would take it along with them,not to mention that as boys and girls and our mothers too we were allways wearing those long nylon buttoned overalls ,for school and at home,they could be buttoned in the front,on the side or in the back allways with their big plastic buttons,along with our clip on braces and the beret to hide our shaved heads !And beleive me when your mother whipped your ass with the Martinet you could'ny sit down for a couple of days,letting alone the red marks on your legs and ass!generally it was replaced every 6 months if ther was any leather tails missing,but it was just the norm !