Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Adapting Stories

I guess most folks know about adapting spanking stories from the web, but in case there are some who do not please read on:
There are some very good stories out there but you probably find that none of them are perfect for you. You can empower yourself and make them perfect very easily.
Download your favorite story into Word and edit it.
You can also insert pictures like I do.
You can globally edit the name of the girl being punished to anyone you like. And include pictures of her.
You can also adjust the description of her punishment in any way you choose, adding bits or leaving bits out.
You can even combine parts of two or more stories if you want.
In short, you can use the story as the basis for your own perfect story.
But be careful! If you choose a person in your real life as the subject of your fantasy, that file is dynamite!


Abel1234 said...

Or you could just write your own story from scratch?!!

Dave said...

Yes of course.
But with so many good stories out there, why bother?

Abel1234 said...

Thank goodness not everyone takes the same view, and some of us do write stories and share them for others to read (and adapt!).

But seriously - it's an interesting thought about tailoring an existing story, but surely if someone wants something that really hits the nail on the head for their personal tastes, it's worth encouraging them to try writing their ideas down - and maybe even sharing them somewhere like SSS?