Monday, 17 August 2009

In the Mood

I guess everyone interested in this blog's theme knows about Mood Castings. This is a F/F paysite showing auditions for Mood Pictures in which an aspiring CP actress has to take 50 strokes of the cane from the resident domme Miss Kyra. The woman has to strip nude and bend over for fifty swishing strokes with a thin, whippy cane, which always leaves her bottom with spectacular weals. This certainly gets me in the Mood!

The women taking the caning are usually attractive and some are beautiful, and their ability to bear a severe thrashing with no restraints is remarkable. My recent favorites are Tisa (22) and Vanessa (21), both of whom take the full fifty strokes and end up with the most well striped bottoms you ever saw. Both seem to feel they need a thrashing and stay in position throughout, Vanessa crying and Tisa showing off a very well spread bottom!

I also like Reese (19) and Myleina (37). Reese is a plump blonde with huge breasts that hang and wobble nicely during her caning. She proves that big girls DO cry! Myleina's fortitude under the whippy rod clearly frustrates the domme who sees it as an afront to her punishment skill. She lays on the cane as hard as she can to Myleina's very well spread bottom but does not succeed in breaking the woman.

One of the best candidates for a long time was Mya but she only took twelve strokes. Pity.

Unfortunately only a very few actually seem to get the opportunity to act in a Mood Pictures release, which often seems to use less attractive models. Though there are exceptions, the obvious one being the beautiful Victoria Young who came from Mood Castings.

What is lacking in Mood Castings is the important issue of punishment. Unfortunately the women are not there to be properly punished for their misbehaviour but to try to get into films. And the interviews beforehand seem to concentrate on their sex experiences rather than experience of punishment which would be much more interesting.

The answer is to use simple video editing software to cut to the stripping and caning, and superimpose a title that makes it clear that this is a true punishment session.

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