Saturday, 19 September 2009

Hans Braun Birchings

Good drawings of girls being birched are rare. Here are two by Hans Braun, an excellent spanking artist who regretfully seems to have produced only a few examples.
I much prefer to see girls bending right over for punishment so the first drawing could certainly be better, at least for my taste. But his attention to detail in both drawings makes them very erotic, and I especially like the already punished girls in the background. Enjoy.


Jim said...

I have at home a whipping bench similar to the ones shown on this site. I made it myself using some lumber and leather straps that are just the right size for my wife. I find that when I punish my wife, that it is absolutely necessary that she be properly restrained rather than bent over voluntarily. When she is strapped into the bench it is I who determines just how severely and for how long she will be punished.
I don't punish my wife just for fun but only when she has done something quite wrong and discipline is necessary. She is always completely naked when punished, not just a raised skirt, to allow me complete access to her back in addition to her butt. Also, being fully naked lets her know that she has really misbehaved and gives her the feeling of complete submission, something that is almost as important as the pain from the whip. I do admit that she has on occasion complained that the punishment was harsher than she deserved but I rather have it this way than letting her off too easy.
I love my wife very much as she does me, and we both know that a certain degree of discipline is necessary to make a marriage successful.
We have been married for seven years and the only change I would make is to have built the bench right after we were married than during the third year. It would have saved alot of misunderstandings.

sixofthebest said...

I have always believed that the moment a bride says "I do", at the altar, it is the bridegrooms's duty to raise her wedding dress waist high, take down her knickers, and birch her bare bottom. This type of corporal punishment should be given each and every day of the marriage. So I am pleased to know, that you also favor, a good birching to be given to your wife, when she is naughty.

sirnehpets said...

You run a proper home. The wife should be subject to discipline from the time she is married. In fact, her father should give her new husband a birch rod as a wedding present.