Monday, 1 February 2010

Wooden Paddle

I will continue my review of classic instruments used for the corporal punishment of girls, following on from the Spencer paddle - see
- with the more usual flat wooden paddle, so well known to generations of American school and college girls.

Although this does not punish in the same way as the cane or birch, it produces a most intense sting over a large area of the girl's bottom that she will certainly not wish to repeat in a hurry. It may be applied with skirt lifted and knickers down:
Across tight jeans:
Or even across a tight skirt and pantyhose:
When applied hard and often enough, punishment using the paddle is severe and salutary. This girl will not be sitting down anywhere for a while:
The distinctive and loud "crack" of the paddle across a girl's bottom certainly increases the trepidation of the next girl waiting outside: As the first girl to be punished goes off the toilets for a good rub and a cry.

But it is the paddle at high school, applied across the seat of a pretty girl's tight blue jeans, that is the most familiar and evocative theme. With a thong under, or even knickers,

At home Mom applies it to her bare bottom.

With Dad she is allowed to keep her knickers on, but that does not reduce the terrible sting as he applies the paddle to her plump underbum and the very tops of her thighs.


Anonymous said...

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Dave said...

Thank you, Sally