Friday, 2 April 2010

Beauty Birched

"The birch, that clever instrument of corporal punishment, deserves, and shall have, a chapter of my modest memoirs to itself. For, if comparisons in the field of correction may be considered odious, of all the items contrived to vex and cure me in those days I do declare it excited the most signal dread in my soul and skin. And my governess was expert in its use.
The birch is a wood that absorbs and holds water. Accordingly, the rods that I ‘put up’ each afternoon for my evening punishment ritual were left to steep in long shallow glass trays, on a sideboard in the library. The solution was a concoction of my governess, very vinegary, and it toughened the twigs, in particular their buds, considerably. These thin and whippy limbs imparted an inconceivable sting, each one, and a single birch rod was generally of five. More was never allowed since they then tended to swing together and dull the individual agony.
The stone-hard buds,with which each had to be furnished at the tip, struck into the fat of my lower bottom like fury, yet a good birch did not bruise, though it cut and flecked and grazed the skin intolerably. Perhaps it was a surface smart, unlike the cane, and I suspect it died down more rapidly than the latter. Even so, a protracted count would soon be hellish, and any more than a dozen calculated to have the most hardened sinner howling. For this was an implement with which you could ‘go’ many, and I often did."

The purpose of this blog is to share erotic images and stories of beautiful girls receiving severe corporal punishment, or sometimes just presenting themselves in punishment position. The pictures are big so you should click on them to see all the detail. There are a lot in the archives here too so do not just stay on page one! Enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment or two.

The pics above might have fitted better in Punishment Poses, but I do like girls looking over their shoulder as they show off their assets waiting for punishment and will leave them here for your enjoyment. The quote is from a story by P N Dedeaux, slightly adapted, and a lot more can be found in the archives here.


Anonymous said...

I've just discovered your blog and I love it!
On June 24 2009 and on August 19 2009 you gave us two extracts of books.
I happen to have the whole books as well as another one called "The Prefect" on my PC.
If you are interested I can mail them to you.

Dave said...

Thank you but I have these already.
I am pleased you are enjoying Beauty and the Birch!