Monday, 17 May 2010


Who remembers OBB from the old days in Janus? It was the Order of the Burning Bott (or Butt) and was awarded to female celebrities of various kinds, from newsreaders to sportswomen, who were thought to be in need of a good thrashing. Here we can call it the Order of the Birched Bottom and our first recipient is:
Who do you think should qualify?
This nomination sent in by a viewer in Mexico:

What a bum! And her well worn skintight jeans show it off to perfection.


Anonymous said...

I remember the OBB from Janus...and thought that it was a wonderful ongoing part of the magazine. I was always interested to discover which female celebrities had been nominated week by week. Why don't you have it as an ongoing part of your most interesting blog?

May I nominate Jessica Simpson, the American music and fashion star....and I have a photo showing a glimpse of her naughty cheeks if I was able to send it to you? She is a beautiful lady but to all intents and purposes can be a brat...hence the need for a sound spanking.

What do you say....and what other nominations are there out there?


Dave said...

Thank you for your comment, Aristotle. But there seems to be little interest in OBB here. I will find a pic of Jessica so your nomination is recorded.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to second Aristotle's plea for an OBB, I too loved the descriptions of how certain people would treat various celebs.
I noticed that Fiona Bruce has been voted (?) Rear of the year, I would like to nominate young Fiona for the OBB. I'm afraid that if I was in charge of Fiona's birching I'd have half a dozen very sturdy birch rods soaking in my bucket of brine, I'd thrash the minx so she'd sleep on her tummy for a week. Poor 'girl' would be whipped raw from her waist to her ankles front and back, not forgetting those tender inner thighs.


Hard hand Eddy said...

The young ladies in skin tight slacks in the last two photos are certainly asking for 'it'. As an experiement I would be interested to see if they could still get these on after a 'hard' ten minutes bare bottom hairbrushing across my knee. My guess is their delightfully blistered bum cheeks would be too swollen. Such arses as these deserve more that a mere spanking I hear you say, and I agree. It would need the severest birching to do them justice, oh to have these brats strapped down stark naked over a thrashing horse, with their quivering rumps thrust up tight and defenceless. Sobbing they go up to bed, now what shall I do with them....!

charles Phillack said...

What a wonderful series of deliciously plump, firm, feminine buttocks - just asking for punishment.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to see the OBB section has not proved more popular, since the contributions so far have been excellent (that is including the ones on the other page). I am delighted that, as in the best of the old Janus letters, readers are not holding back. I find it bracing to see such unashamed vehemence towards these hapless young women. I would like to nominate the young British tennis star Laura Robson. Her fine bottom and splendid thighs would make excellent targets for the most severe of thrashings with a heavy tawse. Thick, raised, painful weals over every inch of those succulent thighs and a bottom swollen, welted and blistered - and what a joy it would be to see and hear Miss Robson howling in vain for mercy.

Anonymous said...

The aforesaid Fiona Bruce appeared on the Antiques Roadshow with a Tawse.

It would have been good if it's punishing powers were used on Miss Bruce.

To start .. 6 on each hand full force. Agree with the correspondent who want to take the skill off her backside. Legs leathered as well.

And with skin off her backside .....salt !!!!

Anonymous said...

Fiona Bruce - Tawse