Monday, 2 August 2010

A for Alexa

Lovely shoes she's wearing, and she shows them off to perfection.

Looking around the net this girl certainly passed her A levels!


Anonymous said...

What would she choose for her very deserving rump; the cane or the birch?

brianmac said...

This girl has a delightfully curvy, big, round arse which, given her cheeky flaunting of it to the world, quite obviously deserves an extended smacking across someone's knee, followed by a nice, long,strapping until those lovely fat cheeks are glowing a bright crimson and her upper cheeks are wet with tears. I do hope that she will have to expose her bum-hole as part of this punishment, Dave. I'm relying on you!

Dave said...

Thanks Brian. I too like her for the size and jut of her bum. There is a lot more of her over on my old lesbian blog but I will add some revealing poses here too! I had in mind the birch for her but the Texas prison strap would be a good alternative.