Tuesday, 24 August 2010

In the reformatory punishment room the girls are often caned across the tops of their thighs as well as on the bottom. Is this something you approve of? Leave a comment.
Yes the plight of poor Gaby is seen in her face
which she turns to the head, as red as her base
'Headmaster, oh please you have set me on fire!
Oh please, can't you cane me a little bit higher?'

'Please come up higher..' she piteously begs
'…the last two you gave me were down on my legs!
I'm trying to bear it the best that I know
but it isn't fair, sir, to whip me so low!'

'You're cutting so low that it's down in the fold
Where its tender and sore..if I might be so bold
I'll even take extras if higher you'll come...
In short, oh headmaster, please cane my bum!'


brianmac said...

Gaby's teacher has been lenient in allowing this naughty young madam to keep her jeans on while he canes her bottom. He will naturally want to make sure at least some of his strokes strike Gaby in that crease where her bottom meets her thighs, that oh so sensitive spot, and, of course, it is likely that the cane will occasionally stray on to her upper thighs where a caning is even more painful and is not that the purpose of her punishment? Of course this area of her thighs is very much a legitimate target as I'm sure you will agree Dave.

Dave said...

Thanks Brian. Yes, I agree of course. The very tipppy tops of the thighs above the high stockings line.

joey said...

across the bottom yes top of the legs no to server hurts to much long whippy canes excellent

pelham said...

Generally agree with brianmac but would have liked to see a more horizontal stroke cutting into crease between bottom and thighs. Would then be good to use that as a marker and work down from that spot for a few inches. Would be very painful but as brianmac says, that is the point. Bare bottomed would also have been much preferable.