Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Paddle

In the South girls regularly receive the paddle, even today. Bare bottom paddling is mostly the stuff of fantasy but paddling across very tight jeans or other sexy costumes is for real. Here a beautiful blonde receives nine licks across skintight lycra shorts. You can just imagine how much that stings!
How many licks should a girl receive anyway? Six, nine, twelve? I favor punishment to real tears. No tears from this girl who looks like she might be secretly enjoying it, I bet those shorts are damp.


Rich Person said...

How many? Until the behavior changes. That's the rule!

Anonymous said...

A superb whacking and I hope she enjoyed it too! Visually very satisfying with the lycra stretched across her firm buttocks.
Anything similar with the cane?

Dave said...

Not the cane but more of the paddling above.

pelham said...

Excellent paddling from athletic looking teacher. Would continue with whacking until it is clear she has had enough and then a few more. The nine strokes she has had are hardly a start to this punishment.

Anonymous said...

Hi, What a paddling the young lady got from a very strict teacher!
I was surprised when she hit the naughty one's bottom so hard' as was confirmed when the teacher took her jeans down and put her in the corner, with a slap!
Loved seeing her rubbing her red burning bottom. A great video!
More would be very welcome. Thanks!

Abbot said...

One of my favourite implements to use on an errant woman.

OTKUGOTT said...

Painful I'm sure, but the paddling technique was flawed, and you could see the paddle not always landing squarely on target. Also, I've never understood why anyone uses the "hands on wall" position when hands on a chair, hands on knees, or holding ankles are all superior for getting the rear end up and out.

Anonymous said...

would love to see how badly bruised her bottom was after this session!