Friday, 6 May 2011


Although I favor the birch and the cane for the punishment of naughty girls there are those who prefer the strap, and I think Brian is one of them. I can only agree that this girl's voluptuous bum can best be dealt with using the strap, and the Texas prison strap at that.

The sting of the TPS hard across a girl's plump, well-bent naked buttocks is agonizing and a dozen is punishment indeed!


brianmac said...

I agree Dave - this shameless blonde deserves a severe strapping for her wanton display and twenty or so strokes across her bottom with a nice, well-oiled strap would ensure that her anus would not escape a richly-deserved part of her punishment.However, I certainly would not argue with a follow-up decoration of her broad arse by at least a dozen of the very best with a supple whippy cane, or would that be too harsh?

Dave said...

Certainly not too harsh for this one, Brian. Only the severest punishment for her.