Friday, 17 June 2011

Magnificent Seven

I like punishment drawings and comic strips. In this one seven girls are lined up for the thrashing of their lives. Set in a catholic boarding school the drawings have a sense of realism, for example the girls are not stripped but get caned through their tight skirts with knickers under. Hence the very severe number of strokes each will receive. I will post each caning in turn this week, Andrea tomorrow. Enjoy.


Jonathan Bradley said...

"Magnificent Seven?" I should say so. All of these "Monroe School" toons are just fantastic. Are these from a magazine, or what?

Would love to know the name of the artist, the source of the comics, or anything else about them you could tell us.

Thank you so much for sharing these with us. You have an absolutely fantastic blog!

Dave said...

Thank you again Jonathan. The artist's name is Dave Mire.