Friday, 15 July 2011

Belles of Whipstock

There are some nice vignettes of girlish corporal punishment in this story, here the strap or tawse
And here the birch, three whippy rods


brianmac said...

Great to see this strip again (first published in Janus mag in the early 70s). Nicely drawn Victorian nostalgia, but also a reminder that even today, all teenaged girls are inclined to be naughty and all require regular discipline, be it a nice, long, hard smackbottom over teacher's or daddy's knee at least once a week or, in extreme cases, a more severe whipping of her young tail as in this comic. Well done Dave.

Dave said...

Thanks Brian, another inserted below.

jstorey36 said...

What an excellent phrase "a First class thrashing"