Friday, 23 September 2011

Caned for Masturbating

At this catholic school, or is it a reformatory?, the Punishment Book is labelled Book of Contrition and the cane is often in use, especially for masturbation. Lola is a frequent masturbator and her contrition is often recorded.


sixofthebest said...

Since when is the enjoyment of masaterbation be it by a school-boy, or school-girl a crime. If I was in charge of that catholic school, or reformatory. I would have had the Mother Superior, and her brood of nuns, raise their habits, taken down their knickers, to bare their bottoms, and caned them most painfully.

brianmac said...

Another nice little drawing Dave. Regarding punishment for masturbation, of course all young ladies should have their naughty bottoms soundly whipped for such a shameful act and a nice, supple cane is precisely the instrument for the task, the wicked young madam being ideally secured in such a position as to expose the inner slopes of her bum for maximum humiliation.