Friday, 30 September 2011

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brianmac said...

Great to see these old drawings again Dave, first a frustrated father giving his naughty young daughter a no-doubt well-deserved slippering across her panties. One would like to think that young madam's pants might have to come down later in the night for a just-before-bed smackbottom on her bare, still red and hot bottom just as a reminder to be a good girl tomorrow. And the other plate is also a classic, showing just how a pretty young maid should be punished, first over her master's knees while her nice, fat round bum is smacked and smacked until it's glowing like a pair of ripe tomatoes - and then it's bend-over time while Sir revisits that naughty young tail with a nice, whippy cane. One can see that he is used to carrying out this necessary duty by the lovely spacing of the weals on her bum, perfectly delivered with just the right amount of power behind each stroke. And then it's corner time, pants back up onto her tender, sweetly rounded, well-caned arse while she contemplates being a better behaved employee in the future.