Thursday, 6 October 2011



sixofthebest said...

Yes, a drawing of another naughty lady undergoing a good birching on her naked rear end, by a masterful elderly gentleman.

brianmac said...

Thanks Dave, the narrative is now clear - and, we do get to see the splendour of this girl's delightfully round bum as it receives a birching, severe but no doubt well-deserved. She is fortunate to have been allowed to be thrashed with her legs together - I suspect that others in the position of her punisher might have insisted that those shapely thighs be positioned well apart to allow access to the inner slopes of her lovely, fat young behind and, perhaps even a few swishes straight down the centre, tickling up her naughty anus as an additional humiliating and painful part of her correction. Or am I being too harsh?

Ordalie said...

What an arousing story! Do you know where it is from?
Very delicate and beautiful pictures, too!

Dave said...

Story and pics from Janus long ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi, How I miss the old Janus! Thanks for this piece of nostalgia! The young lady is cetainly going to have a well
striped bottom by the time the birching is finished!
I certainly agree with the bircher insiting on legs being somewhat apart, to ensure she really does benefit from the birching!