Sunday, 20 November 2011

Pity she is standing up for punishment, she should be well bent over with her fat bottom up in the air. But birching sets are rare.


Anonymous said...

This is a very thorough birching, and even the jug of water to soak the birch is provided!
The birch is long and allows the strokes to reach right across her buttocks to strike her flanks, which makes it even more effective!
This young lady will not be sitting comfortably for a while!

SueMary said...

I've always thought the birch was underestimated these days. It does not have to be at old judicial levels to give a girl one very sore and stinging bottom. Well done for keeping the flame alive!

brianmac said...

Dave, you're right - this girl has a bottom well-suited to a long, merciless birching, but she should be bending over holding the horizontal beam in front of her. She should be made to arch her back, raise that bum as high as she can standing on tip-toes with her legs well apart to enable the twigs to reach those sensitive inner curves and her naughty anus itself if her punisher thinks she deserves it. Still, you've done well to find this depiction of a fine, modern thrashing all teenaged girls should feel on a regular basis.