Monday, 23 January 2012


brianmac said...

A couple of great pics, Dave, of this pretty young minx about to receive a caning from her parent/guardian/uncle/teacher (whatever). She has a nice, fat young bottom, ideal for an extended dose of that cane so we can only hope that she is in line for at least a good dozen stingers, a thrashing she will not enjoy as it is clear that she has already had that naughty little bum smacked hard and long leaving those fat cheeks glowing like a pair of tomatoes.

Dave said...

Yes Brian, a pretty girl and a nice big bottom. The ideal mix for the cane.

Anonymous said...

This young lady has a super bottom
with buttocks well able to take the sound caning she is receiving.
I would agree nobody would give her less than 10 or 12 strokes if she is going to learn to behave in future -no smoking and respect her curfew time! Even if she is 19/20
she should also be given half an hour corner time!
This should be strictly monitored
-any attempt to rub her bottom bringing slaps to the backs of her thighs ! Kent