Sunday, 19 February 2012

Alexis Spanked

I did not know that Alexis had done any corporal punishment material but here she is getting a hand spanking from an even more dominant woman on that big bare bottom. Of course we would all have preferred to see a good thrashing with the senior cane or a heavy wooden paddle, but beggars can't be choosers.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You found really good spanking clip! It was a great spanking ,very enjoyable. The spanker was a very strict determined woman , taking no nonsense during the spanking, and the hair grasping typified her dominant approach!
Alexis' bouncing buttocks were a pleasure to watch as they turned red under firm, rapid spanks!
Thanks Rod

Dave said...

Yes, I also thought the woman delivering the spanking was nicely strict, more so in this clip than Alexis who is herself often in a dominant role with men (though not, so far as I know, as a spanker). But that gorgeous bottom needs much more than a spanking, it needs a good thrashing.

sirnehpets said...

Her magnificent bottom would dance most frantically and delectably if it was presented properly strapped over a classic flogging block, exposed to the whining slashes of a reformatory cane or prison birch -- of the kind used in the victorian era, by a skilled, sadistic disciplinarian, one who was intent on teaching that impudent backside respect for its elders and betters, who would relish watching her tamed as they sat in comfortable chairs,sipping excellent cognac and smoking fine cigars. Oh, the tunes she would sing, the things she would promise, the shrieks for pity that would redound off the walls -- to no avail, as the rulers insisted that justice be served, that the lessons be taught most emphatically in fiery, throbbing weals across her exquisite bottom, and in ruby droplets of tribute to their absolute authority.