Saturday, 29 September 2012

For Our French Friends


brianmac said...

Thanks for some great recent posts, Dave. I enjoyed reading about that haughty young wench Charlotte having her very deserving arse thrashed with her own riding crop (how appropriate!) and young schoolgirl Cathy's look of apprehension as her teacher flexes that cane is priceless. What a pity we didn't get to see naughty young Cathy bent over that table, pants down to her knees, legs wide apart, straining to elevate her teenaged bottom as high as she can stretch it to allow maximum access for the cane to all parts of her bum including her most private parts according to teacher's explicit instructions. And then some of Frolle's delicious drawings - no-one can draw more perfectly the classic French female bottom in all its glory. What a pity my French is so inadequate but none the less I think we can guess what is being said. Thanks again, Dave.

Dave said...

Pleased you enjoyed them, Brian.