Friday, 12 October 2012

As with most of these full page stories this one is best downloaded then opened on your own computer.  I have added my own preference for a Lisa Howard but you can paste in yours quite easily.  In MS Paint you can paste your picture(s) and resize to fit exactly before the final click.  Of course you can choose any girl you like to imagine severely caned, including a real person.  But guard that file carefully.

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brianmac said...

Cute drawing Dave - young madam has such a sweet innocent face and yet we can believe that her fat little teenaged bottom is long overdue for a taste of the cane. It's easy to cast her as part of the scenario in the published story - one can well imagine the tears and the squirming of her naughty young tail as the Head girl gave her the thrashing that she obviously deserved. The only question would be whether eight strokes was really enough to make her caning a genuinely memorable experience - I suspect not.