Friday, 23 November 2012

Prefects Pleasure

 An old favorite.  You may need to download the text to enjoy it properly.
I like to think of Rowena as the head girl in the post below, but she is blonde and Rowena is brunette.
Sophie of course is Susana, for me a perfect choice.


Champion said...

Among the pleasures of this post I salute the artist's clear enjoyment in depicting severe wealing of the schoolgirl buttocks. Too often (and perhaps because of censorship constraints) only light marks were shown, whereas surely anyone given the chance to whip such a voluptuous young lady would want to do a thorough job.

sirnehpets said...

You are so right, champion. Showing the severe weals and stripes is fitting and realistic. After all, with such a lovely and attractive bottom under one's complete authority, who could resist whipping it so severely as to raise throbbing cane weals and frantic cries for pity? The weals are like the whipper's calligraphy, emblazoned in agony across her bottom..

jstorey36 said...

A classic from Janus I believe.
It s good to see welts aand girls in agony.

Dave said...

Yes Janus. Thanks you for all your well thought comments.