Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Birched At Sea

This is an old story from Roue I have adapted, on the theme of the severe corporal punishment of girl cadets in the navy.  I am told it has a strong basis of fact in the Russian navy.  "Kissing the gunner's daughter" was the usual position adopted, as shown in this lovely drawing by Hans Braun.  Notice also the tightly tailored bell bottoms and shorts on the girls.
 However the story describes the birching of two girls in PT kit, more or less as shown in these period photos, and horsed by an instructor.
I have picked out Koika as the cadet to be birched first, named Jean in the story.  Just look at those puffies.


Anonymous said...

wow!what a great story!it made me rock hard!

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Who wouldn't be rock hard after that excellent description. I just hope those girls got further 'treatment' as the voyage proceeded.