Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Girls and the Hairbrush

Actually not a standard hairbrush, more a clothes brush.  A stinging and very effective instrument of girlish punishment as shown in this old and classic film.  Enjoy.

The girl's name is Michelle and she was (I presume still is) a genuine submissive who did a few movies with the late Ed Lee in the old days.  She loved the hairbrush and the paddle, and took very severe punishment.

Now the same punishment with better sound quality here.

Michelle gets another blistering hairbrush spanking, again with better sound quality, here.


Anonymous said...

A very severe spanking. That's how it's supposed to be done. Some video producers should watch this and learn from it.

brianmac said...

Excellent old vid, Dave - so refreshing to see a naughty young madam being properly punished by her teacher. All as it should be: panties well down and all parts of her bare bottom receiving a sound thrashing with teacher's brush. Some might argue that this spanking should be followed immediately by six hard strokes of the cane right in the sit-down part of her naughty bottom but perhaps this might be a little too severe even for a long-overdue punishment like this.

Dave said...

Thanks guys. I shall be posting the follow-up shortly, in which she receives a very severe paddling.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, I do not think I have ever seen such a severe haibrush spanking!. I feel the general use of the brush on so many of the drunken young ladies by their parents would quickly cure them of the excessive drinking habit and digraceful behaviour we see and read about all the time ! Brad

Anonymous said...

although old and very poor picture quality,this is still a great little film!