Sunday, 23 February 2014

Victoria Caned

 This is Victoria, one of the most beautiful models ever to bend her heavenly bottom for the cane.
In this movie she is caned severely by her governess for persistent masturbation.  Of course she is not cured of that exceedingly pleasurable habit and this is the first of many whippings.  Enjoy.



brianmac said...

Excellent video, Dave. Victoria certainly has her slender young tail caned with exquisite severity suggesting that this is not the first time she has been caught masturbating. She must have really felt those strokes across her thighs. Of course, this habit is not easily cured in a teenage girl so one would think a repeat whipping might not be too far in the future. Let's hope so anyway

sirnehpets said...

Agreed. A lovely caning with an excellent, whippy cane. And those cuts across the thighs offer exemplary lessons. Still, victoria will no doubt be back for more, as the habit of masturbation can be a very difficult one to break. Which is why the next time will call for additional severity.

sirnehpets said...

I so agree...the habit of masturbation must be cured, and that can take a long time, with many painful applications of whistling rod to dancing bottom required until the lesson is properly imparted. It is the only way.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful caning. She must have been caught before for it to have been so hard. Her forebearance is astounding.A wonderful video of a beautiful girl.