Saturday, 14 March 2015

Hans Braun

Hans Braun was a great CP artist and his renderings of the female bottom, clothed and unclothed, are unsurpassed.  Just look at those here and in the posting below.  However, he could not draw faces very well at all, as some of his drawings testify.  Hence most are rear views.  Nevertheless they are to my mind very evocative, inviting us to build a story around them.  This one is a judicial setting with the girl tied to a beam waiting for punishment.  Her place in the line is vacant, the girls to the left having already been dealt with and those to the right are waiting their turn.  The girls in the background to some of his drawings often merit closer attention, as here.
Notice the bulging shorts on these girls.  Braun's drawings often focus on the tightly clothed female bottom, as here.

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