Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Debbie Gets the Hairbrush - Again

Another very early NuWest movie without sound, from the days of 8mm film.  Debbie gets a severe hairbrush spanking on the bare.  Enjoy.

Debbie gets the paddle is here.


Jeff said...

Wow, these vintage spanking films are fascinating. Spanking videos are so plentiful and easy to get now, it's a little weird to realize that not all that long ago stuff like this was pretty rare, and I imagine somewhat hard to find. Any idea what year these films are from? I'm guessing early 70s.

Dave said...

Thanks Jeff. The Debbie films are from 1980. Until easy access to the internet spanking films were very difficult to find and also expensive. Nu West was the first producer that I know of so these are classics.