Tuesday, 31 May 2011


More of lovely Sarah here.


sixofthebest said...

I love Sarah in this position, as a naughty school-girl, her naked bare bottom, facing her fellow students, and teachers, about to undergo, a painful canning on that voluptous rear end of hers. I can hear the first stroke fall, "Oooh, Ouch", came her painful outcry's. her utterances, were music to my ears.

Ordalie said...

I have already seen these pictures elsewhere. But it's frustrating since we are kept in the dark as to what happened before.
What was that "humiliating punishment at the old lady's house"?
What had the four girls done?
Does anybody know the answer?

Dave said...

I do not have others from this series but I like these a lot. If anyone knows where to find more please post a link.

jstorey36 said...

Always good to see an example being made and the not sparing the rod.