Thursday, 2 June 2011

The drawings above show an interesting combination of typical british and american girlish punishments. The senior cane at an british school and the (Spencer) paddle in an american home. Maybe she is transatlantic like me.
Of course the paddle is almost always applied across the seat of tight jeans, much as we might wish it was on the bare!


brianmac said...

Now that's the correct method for teaching spelling to teenaged girls - with a nice whippy cane across the bare bottom. This young minx has only received eight strokes so far, not nearly enough to ensure that she absorbs her lesson. I would suggest another ten (at least) nice hard ones should be the minimum required. As for the other naughty young madam, she may regret trying to prevent her uncle from taking her panties down - this will mean going straight over his knee while he smacks that fat, round young tail until it glows before he picks up his wicked looking paddle for the long, hard whacking which will be the main part of her obviously well-deserved and long overdue bare-bottomed punishment.

Dave said...

Thank you Brian for the pics and the nicely phrased comment!

sixofthebest said...

School days, School days, dear old golden rule days. When a naughty school-girl learnt, her writing and arithmatic, to the tune of cane, or birchrod. As it should then, as it should now. Beautiful corporal punishment drawing by the spanking artist.