Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Paddle

As most of you know here in the South girls are still punished with the board or paddle. Much as we might like to imagine them getting it on the bare in fact it is applied across the seat of her jeans or tightened skirt. These pictures are very authentic.

With no pockets to her jeans and just a thong under she is well and truly punished in the above sequence. But you can be sure that with panties under (see her VPL) and pockets to her jeans all the principal has to do is aim low low for a salutary effect.

A short clip of the paddle in action across a lovely girl's tight shorts here and here.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing more sensual than a stunning girl bent over waiting to be caned with her jeans or trousers taut across her firm young buttocks.
What do others think?

Dave said...

Yes, and the blue jeans without back pockets show off her bottom to perfection.