Tuesday, 13 December 2011


brianmac said...

A lovely story Dave, possibly from Janus or similar back in the '60s or '70s. One just knows that this naughty young madam is going to spend the rest of the afternoon across Mr Jones's knees with her black panties down to her knees, with her legs well apart while he imparts a nice, red glow to those "jostling, wobbling" bottom cheeks and, who knows, perhaps Mr Jones may decide that a smackbottom is not quite enough to teach this saucebox some modesty and may well decide to bend her over a chair with her pants still around her knees while he rules a dozen lines across her naughty young bum. Let's hope so anyway - one can imagine the sqeals that would fill the room to which Mr Jones would no doubt be totally oblivious.

Anonymous said...

Great story Dave!
Do you have the rest of it?
It would certainly be appreciated!