Monday, 5 December 2011

The correct position for a girl to receive the birch.
Of course anal inspection is also an important part of her discipline.


Anonymous said...

I would agree inspection is very important to ensure clennliness of the bottom when a birching is given. This avoids the possible risk of infecction if the birch causes a scratch on the buttocks!
It also signals there is no chance of the birching being cancelled !

sixofthebest said...

The correct position for a naughty lady to assume before she is birched on her naked rear end. Is any position that her master wishes. Plus any wearing apparel that her master wishes to see her in. I like a naughty woman who I corporal discipline, to wear suspender-belt and stockings. With such feminine but naughty beauty on display, the birchrod masterfully metes out it painful consequences on madam's bare bottom.

brianmac said...

This saucy young minx certainly looks like a girl long overdue for a nice, long, slow birching. She is perfectly positioned with her bottom cheeks wide apart and her pretty little anus fully exposed. No doubt that naughty bum-hole will be fully inspected for total cleanliness before her punishment begins, a necessary process for all young ladies of her age, as is regular whippings on the bare bottom.