Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Gabrielle Again

Another view of the same scene, this time with the birch in the matron's right hand and more lighting. And three stingy birch rods to put across that gorgeous bottom.  And the last verses of the poem:

For rising before his permission is given
means extras, alas – howe’r hard she’s striven;
in terror poor Gabrielle falls to her knees
in vain do her salt tears back up her pleas

But she sticks out her bottom in tearful despair
Three more times the rods swish down through the air
So she’s taken fifteen before she is done
Then 'Stand in the corner and show off your bum!'

Leaden limbed, dewy eyed and rubbing her ass
Gaby dresses and drags herself off to her class
her bottom is blazing, it seems twice the weight
the weals thick as fingers whose smart won't abate

'Miss Jones I am sorry, I apologise quite'
and curtseying Gaby displays quite a sight
and now she must show to the class her bare seat
plump  lilywhite hue turned the colour of beet

Beet is the colour for beaten she’s been
She’s now just another well disciplined teen
Young Gabrielle Wilkinson, thoroughly caned
with corporal punishment she’s been well trained

With raised dress in the corner our sinner must pass
half an hour’s contemplation, quite bare of ass,
bear the pain of her punishment, rueful of face,
one hand busy rubbing the fire in her base

She must stand and display the results of her crime
transgression's reward and humility's prime
show off the matron’s dire skill with her cane
'Miss Jones, I shall ne'er answer you back again!'

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