Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Reformatory Cane

Someone requested this drawing without the added picture, so here it is full size.  Just look at that cane and imagine it wrapping around that lovely girl's buttocks!

Someone else asked if there is any more of the poem.  The answer is yes, and here are a couple more verses:

The last cuts of her cane are so terribly tight
the sting so intense she can no longer fight
the urge to jump up and grab her poor bum
At the twelfth stroke at last the moment has come

She leaps up in pain for the last caught her well
clipping in under like a brand hurled from hell
coming right in the region most tender, defined
as the most private part of poor Gaby's behind

Now prancing young Gabrielle holds hard her rear
quite lost to all modesty now I do fear
as stamping with pain and howling in woe
she kneads her young bottom like soft stripy dough

Rubbing her buttocks and panting again
she writhes in the grip of her punishment pain
The Warden regards her, a light in his eyes
with a smile he confounds her - 'Did I say you could rise?'


Champion said...

Thank you for the 'pure' version of this illustration, which I much appreciate. How lovingly the artist has rendered that bottom, demonstrating that every female arse has its own character and often, as here, supreme beauty. To mar that perfection by belabouring it with instruments designed to damage and hurt is a form of vandalism; yet just as the vandal enjoys seeing something precious wrecked for his pleasure, so it is immensely satisfying to transform a pristine bottom into a misshapen, discoloured, throbbing source of pain to the hapless victim.

Anonymous said...

The exquisite shaped bottom just begs the cane

sirnehpets said...

Indeed, that bottom does beg for the cane -- as she will beg for it to stop (to no avail, of course)