Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Gabrielle Caned Again

This posting was inspired by a comment from Sandra who I had not heard from for a while.  She wrote in to say that the birch in the drawing in the last posting is too big for such a slim girl and more suited to the plump buttocks of Alexis Texas!  She may be right and Alexis would certainly be a suitable recipient of the birch.  As it happens the artist has also drawn the scene with a long, whippy cane in the woman's hand, and this made me think of an old poetic punishment that has featured on this blog before but set in school.  Gabrielle is now in the reformatory.  Enjoy.

As into the room gorgeous Gabrielle went
to atone for some recent, most unwise dissent
she stares at the rod made to cause bad girls pain
the long thin and whippy, reformatory cane.

It would cause her dire hurt, lovely Gabrielle knew
for she'd suffered before its effects…black and blue
having bent her young bum to its beastly embrace
and suffered its sting and the shameful disgrace.

Altogether her future seems lacking in cheer,
the Warden, observing her symptoms of fear,
gives her a sentence to set her ears buzzin'
'For answering back, Miss, the best of a dozen!'

'A dozen? Oh sir, oh please not so strict!
for cheeking a matron I've ne'er been so licked
oh mercy please Warden, 'twill cut me in two
oh please let me off, if only a few!'

But let off she's not, despite wringing white hands
and a body that's trembling there where she stands
her bosom so tense it might well be in milk
and lily white thighs, their surface like silk.

She stares at the matron’s long whippy stick
which larrups the air so's to make her feel sick
all her pleas are in vain, all attempts at a flirt
a click of the lock and a gruff 'Strip your skirt!'

Oh Lor she’ll be nude, she must 'strip her skirt', quite
with fumbling hands bare her bottom so white
Though not long to remain so is our guess and fear
To judge from the way Matron eyes up her rear.

She eyes its appearance appraisingly now
as Gaby disrobes but with modesty's bow
while Matron rolls up the right sleeve of her dress
Gaby’s task is to strip, rather slowly undress.

Nude to her stockings, roundly bottomed and broad
Gaby blushes and stares , rather glumly, toward
the bench over which she must bend her poor base
soon to be redder than even her face.

Her sense of distress and impending dire pain
increase at the sight of that frightening cane
"Now get over tight and stick it right up
I'll teach you to cheek matrons, insolent pup!"

She bends herself over with legs nicely spread
then sticks out her bottom and lowers her head
So Gabrielle’s really extremely distended
lewdly presented and very well bended.

Upended, distended and thoroughly bended
Poor Gaby, we fear, cannot be defended
from that terrible, flexible hickory stick
raised high and ready to give its first lick.
 The wood writes its stripe with a grunted out 'One'
for, heavens above, her chastisement's begun
a flame of white fire courses through that young rump
the second cut follows with sickening thump.

With the lash ‘cross her bottom, poor Gabrielle grips
holding hard to the bench and with in-bitten lips
number three follows with plenty of time
the matron certainly knows how to "lime"

She wraps right round Gaby the full of the tip
whose burrowing ache and blistering nip
extract her first 'music' - a quick stifled cry
Chastisements due toll, howe'er hard Gaby try.

Brave Gabrielle tries with her might and her main
to suffer in silence the whip of the cane
 but if four was sheer hell she gets five at a run,
 her bottom is blazing, her pluck nearly done.

Yes the plight of poor Gaby is seen in her face
which she turns to the matron, as red as her base
'Oh Matron, oh please you have set me on fire!
Oh please, can't you cane me a little bit higher?'

'Please come up higher...' she piteously begs
'…the last one you gave me was down on my legs!
I'm trying to bear it the best that I know
but it isn't fair, Matron, to whip me so low!'

'You're cutting so low that it's down in the fold
Where its tender and sore..if I might be so bold
I'll even take extras if higher you'll come...
In short, oh please Matron, please cane my bum!'

'I'll cane it..' she tells her '..I'll whip it all right
just spread your cheeks wider and get it up tight'
and the sixth stroke she gives her is deadly and true
Gaby yelps like a puppy and, be fair, wouldn't you?

 The poem was originally by P.N. Dedeaux but has been freely adapted by me.  As always you can download and change the name and the illustration to suit your own special fantasy girl.  The girl here has been on this blog before, see Beauty Birched, and is eighteen or over when the photos were taken, proof on file.

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