Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Bench

 The focus of this artist’s work is often on the bench along which the girl will lie for her punishment, usually to be given with the birch.  The punishment bench has featured here before.
It seems to be the traditional way in which girls were punished in Russia, and the girls are often shown with hands and feet tied to the bench.  But of course that means that their buttocks are not spread at all, other than during their contortions under the rods.  In my view a well spread bottom is an essential part of girlish corporal punishment.
But that is not to say that these drawings are not erotic, as they capture the moment when all hope is lost and the girl has to strip and go over.  
   Or the moment when sentence of a birching is passed and the bench is made ready for her.


Champion said...

These are charming illustrations and the artist has an extremely expressive style. Without obvious exaggeration he is able to make the girls' buttocks magnetically attractive and provocative. The sweetness and youthfulness of the victims contrasts admirably with the impending drastic severity of the punishment. The apparatus and the imposing setting leads one to suppose that they will be punished for the very best reason possible - not because of any real wrongdoing, but simply to gratify the punishers, who have the power to inflict intense pain and will rightly delight in doing so. I differ on the matter of spread buttocks. While it is visually enjoyable to expose a woman in this way, the actual punishment is better administered to fully rounded cheeks. Thank you for publishing these without anachronistic photographic insertions, by the way.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comment. The setting being 2-3 centuries ago makes the scenes so more realistic. It was the most natural thing in the world that young girls were punished with birches and whips, and in public as a deterrance, especially for younger persons. Nakedness was part of the punishment.
More by this draftsman's hand, please!

sirnehpets said...

Beautifully executed drawings. perfect settings and exquisite bottoms. And yes, they will dance in agony to the whining slashes and cuts of birch and cane until her elders and betters are completely satisfied. As it should be.